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This time on Video Game Tango, 11,000 meta employees are learning what it feels like to get Zucked. We’ve elected a Kingdom Hearts fan into congress, Squeenix is doing NFT’s, Capcom is giving PC gamers what they’ve been asking for, Cyberpunk is getting a tabletop game, Gears of War is being made into a movie and an animated series, and AMD has new graphics cards!

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After the disaster that was the Metaverse showcase, confidence in Meta has dropped drastically, but especially by its investors. As meta’s stock price continues to decline at a rate faster than the market average, Meta has decided to lay off more than 11,000 employees and continue an already in place hiring freeze until at least the first quarter of 2023.

Maxwell Alejandro Frost has been elected by Florida voters into the US House of Representatives. This is especially notable because he is an outspoken Kingdom Hearts fan, and as we’ve said on the podcast, if anyone can make sense of US legislation and complexities of governments - it’s someone that can understand the story behind the Kingdom Hearts series.

Valve has announced their new “competitive platform”: “Ricochet: Neon Prime”, and Nintendo have announced the Mario Galaxy series finally seeing daylight again on the Nintendo Switch! …Of course, this is all false information created by “Twitter Verified” parody accounts on the social media platform.

Square Enix, Sega, and Konami have had to answer to their investors recently on their less-than-stellar earnings calls in this 4th quarter of 2022. It seems Square Enix will be doubling down on NFT’s, including “Project Symbiogenesis” (previously having been speculated as a revival of the franchise Parasite Eve, that hasn’t been seen since the hay-day of the original Playstation.) Sega promises an upcoming “Super Game”, a game “so revolutionary that it attracts far more active users than any of the group’s games to date” and speculating a lifetime revenue of over a billion Japanese Yen ($683 million USD). Meanwhile Konami has decided it’s going to revisit old properties in the form of a Silent Hill remake, new Silent Hill game, and a new Silent Hill movie.

In an almost mockingly different strategy from that of Square Enix, Sega, and Konami’s financial follies, Capcom is making moves in the PC space. Committing to adding it’s legacy titles and new titles to PC, Capcom is reporting that 50% of this years revenue has come solely from PC sales.

After the success of CD Projekt’s and Netflix’s series “Cyberpunk 2022: Edgerunners” it looks like tabletop game lovers will be blessed with a starter set for a tabletop version of the series.

The Coalition and Netflix are “gearing up” to create a live-action movie, and an adult animated series of the Gears of War franchise. Hopefully we can see quality similar to the likes of the League of Legends title “Arcane,” or Cyberpunk’s “Edgerunners” series. For now we wait with bated breath.

AMD has announced their next generation of gaming graphics cards! We will wait until these cards are in the hands of independent reviewers, but the specs and the pricing are surely enticing! Following more news, we will be bringing you updates on the new GPU lineup from AMD.