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Asmongold Said it First

Dec. 3, 2021

This time on Video Game Tango we have more Bobby Watch, news, and live-action Cowboy Bebop! After the break, we ask ourselves what video game scenario we would travel to with our friends....To die? https://www.videogametango…

The Clussy Wagon

Nov. 26, 2021

More BOBBY WATCH! The STEAM AUTUMN SALE! Picking the characters to represent us as our future attorneys! Ghost Busters Afterlife, and MORE!

A Blizzard in Hell

Nov. 19, 2021

This time on The Video Game Tango Podcast we talk about the on-going issues at Activision Blizzard, and Bobby Kotick's continues gross negligence and involvement. Xbox has it's 20th year anniversary, and the Grand Theft Auto…

Navi Likes it Rough

Nov. 12, 2021

On this episode of the Video Game Tango podcast, we discuss which game we would love to be able to play for the first time again, and which game character we would saddle up with for the end-times!

Mario Party Stigmata

Nov. 5, 2021

Join Andy, Nick, Josh, and Russ as we discuss the latest news in gaming, enjoy gaming-related discussion, and talk about the heroes we need most for the end of days!

Cows Bop

Oct. 22, 2021

On this episode we talk Metroid Dread, the live-action Cowboy Bebop Netflix adaptation, and more! For full show notes, head on over to the blog at

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Ep 37 - A Whole New World

I'm late! For a very important date! That date was this morning when the cast went up. Apologies, but at least there is time to say "hello". For episode …

Ep 36 - A Noise Floor in Our Skybox

A second podcast, in as many weeks? Pattern Recognition, we meet again.Before you lies another dose of boisterous banter. Dare you partake of it's clario…