June 3, 2022

Sony's State of Play

Sony's State of Play

Sony recently had their State of Play to showcase their upcoming titles coming to PS4 and PS5. A lot of emphasis during this showcase was PSVR2. Do you feel like there are enough quality titles coming to Playstation? Was there too much emphasis on PSVR2? Sound off in the comments, or leave a voicemail! Here's what was shown:


Resident Evil 4 coming to PS5 and PSVR2

Resident Evil Village coming to PSVR2

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Retribution Chapter 2 coming to PSVR2

No Man's Sky coming to PSVR2

Horizon VR Call of the Mountain coming to PSVR2

Horizon Forbidden West MAJOR UPDATE brings (OUT NOW):

 -Performance Mode for "Improved Visual Fidelity"

 -Transmog to change outfits and looks

 -Reset skills: redistribute skill points

 -Ultra Hard Difficulty

 -New Game+ to replay with endgame gear

 -Includes new weapons and trophies

Spiderman Remastered coming to PC August 12, 2022

Stray coming to PS5 - A strand-type game featuring a cat and some sad robots

The Callisto Protocol coming to PS5 - A scary game that is Deadspace

Rollerdrome coming to PS5 - Jet Set Radio with explosions and tanks.

Eternights coming to PS5 - A hack and slash beatemup with dating sim elements.

Street Fighter 6 - A Street Fighter open world game? 

Tunic coming to PS4 and PS5 - No one knew it wasn't already on PS5

Season: A Letter to the Future - about a young gentleman on a bike that listens to several old people, and some young people about time and weather.

Final Fantasy 16 coming to PS5 - A new trailer that shows us some very interesting use of summons!