Oct. 8, 2021

In the House of Hasanabi

In the House of Hasanabi

Another Wodnesdaeg has come and gone, and brings with it the dulcet tones of four hairy men. Here's the short list of our nightly deeds:

Twitch done ****** up.
With a week of New World under their belts, the MM-Tri-O discuss pelt-thieving, where the game might go from here, Josh seeing a tree (maybe), and the very definition of grief. 

After the break:

We answer our very first viewer question! What could it possibly be‽
I watched some neat documentaries. Now you can too! See below.
We discuss the very nature of human morality, distilled into a see-saw.
What is player agency, and are they hiring?

Links to said documentaries:


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