Oct. 1, 2021

A Whole New World

A Whole New World

I'm late! For a very important date! That date was this morning when the cast went up. Apologies, but at least there is time to say "hello". For episode 37, the majority of the cast has dove into the latest planet New World. We talk shop about this new MMORPG, as well as a few other things!

Amazon and Netflix start their new vast video game empires.
A startling amount of discussion about digital fishing.
Josh has seen the RBG light!
More New world. Surprising!

After the break:

Mario attempts a Pratt fall, and Luigi might have his Day.
Pokemon Unite is, uh, a thing. Snorlax diff!
Josh is SUPER excited to be a dolphin again.
Blizzard receives a "strongly" worded letter.
Agent 47 lost his internet connection, and drops rank to Agent -3.
Mclovin's relevant again!

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