Sept. 24, 2021

A Noise Floor in Our Skybox

A Noise Floor in Our Skybox

A second podcast, in as many weeks? Pattern Recognition, we meet again.

Before you lies another dose of boisterous banter. Dare you partake of it's clarion call? We bounce between movies and games this episode, and I repeatedly remind us all of how not-young I am. On the menu this evening:

Lore is added to the Noise Floor.
We ask for feedback! Please! Begging on our knees here.
There is much, uh, "important" discussion about the quality of the newest Mortal Kombat movie.
The no-win state of recasting in media, and what might be done about it.
Nicholas Cage. 'nuff said.
Wracking our brains to remember good movies with comedians being not funny.

After the break:

Extra! Extra! News abounds. Horizon: Forbidden West, Consoles are in stock, and PlayerUnknown attempts to make the Matrix.
Where is the line drawn between Console and PC? Turns out it's in the front lawn.
Splitgate beat's Halo to the power hammer, and dragon's sleep atop piles of freemium currency.

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