Sept. 16, 2021

Squeezing Lemons into Diamonds

Squeezing Lemons into Diamonds

From the mists of time, we rise! Covid knocked us down, but we got up again, as foretold in ancient lyrics. After a hiatus of epidemic proportions, VGT is back at it to bring you up-to-date gaming news, hilarious banter, and the very important opinions of four middle-aged men. Here's a quick rundown of this episode's banter. 

Before the break:
An important survey on the exact handling and hydrodynamics of urinary situations.
A rundown of co-op games we've enjoyed over the last year, and what we've recently been sucked into. All come highly recommended!
We (sort of) come to terms with our aging skills regarding first-person shooters, and then rant about MTX and how better things were in the olden days.
A discussion about China's newest restriction on underage game-time allowances, and how that might affect the coming years of gaming around the world.
Musings on God of War, its viability as a movie, and it's 300 IQ puzzle sequences.

After the break:
Things that grind our gears, with an oddly large amount of discussion involving reach-arounds.
Trying to wrap our heads around the nature of the small-minded. Yay politics!
A quick discussion on the new game Deathloop leads to discussion about stealth games, and their various weals and woes.
Ramblings about Assassin's Creed leads to discussion of Nesting games, a new studio formed from ex-Ubisoft employees.
Some quick-fire mentions of a handful of interesting indie games preface our gripes with remakes and remasters, and a certain game that failed to think "outside" the box.
They're making a Twisted Metal TV show‽

If you've made it this far, I award your house 100 points! Dumbledore has no power here. If you find yourself wanting more, please let us know! We would be delighted to have your input. You can find us on all the usual social medias, links below.